Emphasizing Safety & Training

Safety is the highest priority at Sun-Up Construction, Inc. Sun-Up crews strive – at all times – to operate and maintain the work site in a manner that provides the highest level of protection to employees, clients and other contractors. An accident-free work environment is an achievable goal and Sun-Up Construction’s our business operations upon this fundamental concept.

Employees are trained in natural gas work environments.

25 Years, No Lost Time Due to Accidents!

Sun-Up Construction, Inc. also provides in-classroom and on-site safety training for all employees, which is geared towards mitigating the potential environmental and safety impact of installation operations and customer applications. In this respect, Sun-Up Construction’s high safety standards and exemplary safety record speak for themselves.
Sun-Up Construction also specializes in the provision of any current utility safety training that is required for specific installation and client requirements.



  • Confined Space Certification
  • Pipeline Safety

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